Station Road West, Trimdon Station, County Durham, TS29 6BP

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Vision and Aims

Our Vision 

At Deaf Hill Primary and Nursery School, children are valued as individuals and experience high-quality learning, which is dynamic, imaginative and creative. All learning is relevant to the children’s lives and encourages strong home-school links. Through stimulating teaching methods and resources, pupils are encouraged to take risks and to challenge themselves. All children are supported to develop a deeper understanding of self, enabling them to grow into responsible members of society.

Our Aims
  • Provide an environment, which is stimulating and secure

  • Encourage social, spiritual and moral development whilst promoting caring and co-operative attitudes

  • Help children to become effective communicators

  • Develop self-reliance,self-motivation,self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Help children achieve wide experience and knowledge

  • Encourage pupils to learn to value and bevalued as individuals

  • Promote good behaviour within agreed and understood rules